Uchenna Umeh, MD, MBA

A former Lieutenant Colonel in the US Air Force, Uchenna L. Umeh (Dr. Lulu aka The Momatrician) is a Nigerian-born board-certified pediatrician, global speaker on youth suicide prevention, 3-time bestselling author and mother of three. She is the CEO of Teen Alive, and Dr. Lulu’s Youth Health Center, both dedicated to at-risk youth and youth suicide prevention.

She started speaking publicly in 2016 following suicides of colleagues, and a patient. Herself, a survivor of domestic abuse, she has survived depressive crises and suicidal thoughts in the past. A regular on media outlets, she is a 2020 TEDx speaker, and has her own shows on YouTube and public television in San Antonio, and freelance-writes for magazines. She has a podcast called Suicide Pages with Dr. Lulu, and she blogs at Words by Black Butterfly.

Her work has been recognized by the “Nigerians in the Diaspora Commission” of Nigeria, the Texas State House of Representatives. She has been featured by The Washington Post and Parents Magazine as well as interviewed by The History Channel. 

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