About the Raising Good Parents Podcast

The Raising Good Parents Podcast is the place to hear the questions, struggles, and victories of real parents in the trenches. Dr. Phil Boucher is a husband, father, and pediatrician in private practice in Lincoln, Nebraska.

His practice is focused on empowering parents to be present, confident, and productive—to worry less and enjoy parenthood even more.

If you're overtired, stressed out, guilt-ridden—this is the place to regain your sanity, get the reassurance you need, the sleep you need, and feel confident as a parent.


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Great Information!

Dr. B gives current and pertinent information that is useful for ALL parents! He’s easy to listen to, has had great guests, and I’ve truly benefited from listening. I definitely recommend if you have ANY parenting questions or concerns!

- mjbroh

Necessary Listen for ALL Parents!

I can not recommend this Podcast and Doctor more! His approach as a Parent and Doctor is not only refreshing but the honest raw truth that we all need!

Listen to it now!

- Jain23ne

Simple and effective advice

Dr. B gets to the point and quickly.

A nice range of topics that any parent can absorb while on the way to work or out for a walk. I appreciate his candor and sense of humor too.

- Sarva88

Down To Earth and REAL Parenting Podcast

I love listening to this podcast! Dr. Boucher talks about the trenches of parenthood and provides hope and applicable solutions. Thanks for the constant encouragement!

- ashcoffey