FREE Pediatrician-Developed Parenting Resources

You can get parenting advice just about anywhere these days. But is it reliable? Does it make you feel guilty, confused, conflicted?

As a pediatrician and father of five (almost six!), I'm here to give you reliable info you can trust.  

My goal is to provide clear, proven, no-nonsense advice and a place to ask your questions without judgment. I have found that parents who have access to the info they need to be confident in their parenting enjoy it the most. 

With my experience as a father and the questions I get in my clinic, I have a good idea of what parents want to know. I collect these questions and give my best advice in quick, easily digestible downloadable handouts. 


We're always looking to expand our content library to help parents navigate every phase of their little one's lives.
If you don't see what you're looking for, click here to let us know what topics you'd love to see covered, and we'll bring it to you in an upcoming workshop.

Infant Resources

7 Tips for Tired Parents

Don't spend another night repeatedly waking up with a fussy baby.

Learn why your infant isn't sleeping through the night, and most importantly, what to do about it!


Toddler & School-Age Resources

Chore Chart

Download this FREE and easy to use template for conducting productive family meetings that help your family connect, stay organized, and save time throughout the week.


Sticker Chart

Download my FREE sticker chart which is great to track potty training, and many other behaviors you're trying to positively reinforce.


School's Out! Schedule

Provide structure at home to help your kids THRIVE when school's not in session.

Download my template for creating a realistic, customizable,
and screen-time friendly daily family routine.


Family Resources

Family Meeting Planner

Not sure how to assign age-appropriate chores to your kids and keep track of them everyday?

Download my FREE chore list breakdown by age and printable chore chart to keep on your fridge.


About Me

My name is Dr. Phil Boucher. I'm a husband, father of five young children, and board-certified pediatrician in Lincoln, Nebraska. I help parents balance their priorities, keep things in perspective, and feel confident in all stages of their parenting journey.

There's no one-size-fits-all solution to parenting, but if there's one thing all parents can agree on, it's that parenting isn't easy. But no matter the ups and downs, all you need is a little empowerment to become the present and productive parents your children need you to be.

I’d like to share my experiences, knowledge, and expertise with you so you can worry less and enjoy parenthood more. You already have most of what you need, but I can give you the quick tips, confidence, and reassurance that you can do this.

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