…you’re a parent or parent-to-be looking for straight-forward advice to do the best you can for your kids and family. You’ve read the books. You’ve taken the classes. Now you want to put all those theories, pointers and (some of) grandmother’s advice into practice. You want to raise healthy, well-adjusted children….and you realized it’s not as cookie-cutter as it seemed! Raising children is complicated for so many reasons:

  • Each child is unique
  • There’s a wide range of normal behaviors
  • Reactions to our disciple attempts are unpredictable (understatement of the century)
  • Parents (and kids) are overscheduled and over-busy
  • Social media, the internet, and the age of comparison makes it hard to keep up and feel supported

You want the assurance that you’re doing things right. You’re after enjoyable time with your children, your spouse, your friends. Your family enjoy confident, strong leader and you know you’ve equipped your children to be kind, giving, and resilient.


There’s a thousand parenting books. There are so many approaches. Attachment, barefoot, tiger, helicopter, free-range…. It used to be you felt the need to keep up with your neighbors and friends…now it’s all of Facebook. You see the beautifully framed and filtered shots of happy children and parents on Instagram. Household peace, even momentary, is more difficult than you thought. The tug of work (do those emails ever quit?), keeping house (didn’t we just pick up this room?), giving your children positive attention, making sure they are being stimulated with outings, lessons, athletics….


My wife and I have five young children. We alternate between moments of peaceful parenting bliss and moments of pull-our-hair-out craziness. We’ve struggled to balance the demands of our time, of work, of kids extracurricular activities. We question if we’re doing the right things for our family. We hope and pray we’re making good decisions and that our children will turn out kind, loving, and resilient. We focus on what matters. We avoid over-committment like the plague. We focus on our marriage – the stronger we are, the stronger our children will be. We’re doing the best we can. I see families in clinic every day that are doing their absolute best to find balance. I’ve helped them to see the power they have as household leaders to set the tone for their children and home life. To make decisions about their children’s discipline, schooling, and commitments that serve both the child and the family. We laugh together over the struggle. We pray together. Sometimes, we cry together.


I love being a pediatrician. I don’t get to crack open sternums. Or deliver babies. I have the privilege to reassure parents that their sick baby is okay. To troubleshoot potty training and biting. To calm a three year by discussing the intricacies of Paw Patrol while I put stitches in their forehead. To diagnose and treat the illnesses (physical, emotional, educational…) of infants, children, and teens. To promote and advocate for the health and well being of families in my community. Every day is different. Every appointment is different.


I’d like to share my experiences, knowledge, and expertise with you. To help you be a better parent. To enjoy your children, spouse, and family more. To grow closer to each other and God. You already have most of what you need. I can give you the confidence and reassurance that you can do this.

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