31-Minute Sleep Training Workshop


It only takes 31 minutes to learn my SAFE evidence-based, scientifically-proven technique to get your little one sleeping soundly through the night.



Exhausted? Let me help!

Hey, I'm Dr. B. I'm a father of five little kiddos and a board-certified pediatrician. I'm passionate about helping parents climb out of the trenches with the tools they need to be the best parents they can be so they can stop stressing and enjoy parenthood again.

All good days start with a good night's sleep, so if sleep-deprivation is keeping you from functioning at your best, being a great mom or dad, and enjoying parenthood, I CAN and WILL give you the tools to SAFELY get your little ones sleeping soundly through the night.

Are You a Parent Who:

  • Is reeeeeeally tired?

  • Has a baby between 4-18 months that repeatedly wakes up throughout the night?

  • Wants to learn how to sleep train using safe, pediatrician-developed techniques?

  • Doesn't have time to read books or articles on how to solve your baby's sleep troubles?


About this Workshop

In this 31-minute online workshop, you will learn the sleep training shortcuts to have your little one sleeping soundly through the night so you can FINALLY get the rest you need to be the best parent you can be. This is the same information I've shared with thousands of parents in my office at the 4 & 6 month visit. Over 90% of my patients have babies that sleep through the night before 9 months, so these are PROVEN techniques.

Whether you're comfortable with a cry it out method, or prefer no crying, I have workshops teaching sleep training techniques EITHER way—both EXTREMELY effective.

If your child is between 4-12 months, this workshop is PERFECT for you (but my techniques can also work in babies up to 18 months.) 


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Are You READY? 


Frequently Asked Questions

This is an on-demand online workshop.

Upon registering, you will receive an email with a personalized link that will grant you immediate access to the workshop.

In this workshop, I will share my PROVEN sleep training technique. This is the EXACT information I give to all the parents of my patients at their 4-6 month visit. By the end of my 31-minute workshop, you will understand the step-by-step process to getting your little one to sleep, and, most importantly staying asleep. In 5-7 nights using the process I teach, your little one will be CONSISTENTLY sleeping though the night.

While my cry-it-out method is completely safe and effective, I understand why some parents prefer to avoid this technique.

I also offer a gentle sleep training workshop for parents who prefer a cry-free approach. Check it out here.

Many parents notice longer stretches of sleep after the first night, and the vast majority of parents report considerable improvements in as little as three nights.

Whether you're an expectant mom, or the parent of a baby with current sleep issues, you can attend this workshop.

My technique is perfect for infants between 4-12 months, and has proven effective in children through about 18-months in age.

About Me

Hey there! I'm Dr. Phil Boucher. I'm a husband, father of five, board-certified pediatrician, and infant sleep expert.

I developed Mighty Sleepers as a tired, sleep-deprived parent, myself. Exhausted and desperate for a way to get my own babies to sleep through the night, I began researching safe and proven techniques for sleep training infants. After tons of research, data, and trial and error, the Mighty Sleepers method was born.

After using the Mighty Sleepers techniques on my own kids, and teaching those same techniques to parents in my pediatric practice, I knew I needed to branch out and help other parents all over who are struggling for sleep just like I was.

Since creating the Mighty Sleepers course, I've helped hundreds of parents safely and confidently get their little ones on consistent sleep schedules and get the rest they need to be the best parents they can be.

It may seem impossible now, but I'm here to tell you that you can and will solve your baby's sleep issues in just 5-7 nights with Mighty Sleepers.

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