Dr. B's Sticker Chart 

This is a sticker chart that I developed when I first became a parent, and as a pediatrician, it's a method that I share with all my parents.

This chart is great to track potty training, and many other behaviors you're trying to positively reinforce.


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About Me

My name is Dr. Phil Boucher. I'm a board-certified pediatrician, father of five little ones, and I have a confession: I'm a lazy potty trainer.⁠

Tons of parents come into my office begging for advice on how to get their 18-month olds potty trained and I have no idea why.

Personally, I just don't have the patience to constantly ask a two-year-old, "Do you have to potty?" "Is it time to go to the potty?" "Make sure you go potty now or you won't be able to go for a while." Like I said, I'm a lazy potty trainer.

What it really comes down to is that I've found that no matter how hard parents try, it's way too stressful to potty train a child when neither the parents, nor the child, are quite ready. As a physician and a father, I've learned quick success comes down to a matter of timing, then technique.

If you're a low-key parent like me, you'll love my 100% pediatrician-approved, stress-free potty training techniques for lazy potty trainers.


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