The online course for parents who need more peace around mealtime and want to raise children with curious and healthy eating habits that last a lifetime!


Unpicky Eaters is THE course for ...

  • Parents who want to introduce purees and solid foods without confusion over what's first or worry over "doing it wrong."
  • Parents who aren't sure how to introduce highly allergenic foods in a way that is safe, effective, and allergy-preventing.
  • Parents who want to save money by focusing on real foods.
  • Parents who want a trusted, reliable, evidence-based approach without getting overwhelmed with shoulds, musts, and cannots that accompany many well-meaning suggestions.
  • Parents who are concerned their child is exhibiting picky tendencies early and want to create a positive and supportive environment for their child's food curiosity.
  • Parents who are dealing with throwing food on the floor and food refusal.
  • Parents who want to avoid the chicken nuggets, PB&J, and macaroni overdose syndrome.

All Your Food Questions, Answered.

There's a ton of mysticism surrounding food and kiddos. From the many types of milk, to how and when to introduce solid food, to all the ways to avoid picky eaters, there is a TON of conflicting information out there.

Having an UNpicky eater is much easier than you may think. If you're the parent of a picky eater, or you'd like to avoid that altogether, join pediatrician Dr. Phil Boucher in this course.


What is Unpicky Eaters?

Meet pediatrician and Unpicky Eaters creator, Dr. Phil Boucher, and learn if the Unpicky Eaters program is right for you and your little one.


Course Modules:

  • First Bites: For parents of 4- to 6-month-olds who are ready to start purees (without worry or analysis paralysis).
  • Expanding Options: For parents of 6- to 12-month-olds who want a curious eater who's willing to try new foods.
  • Raising Unpicky Eaters: For parents of 12- to 36-month-olds who want to establish, maintain, and correct food expectations that promote mealtime peace, enjoyment, and lifelong healthy eating habits.
  • Troubleshooting & FAQs


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Unpicky Eaters Course

  • First Bites (how and when to start solid foods)
  • Expanding Options (how, when, and what to offer as your child grows and tries new foods)
  • Raising Unpicky Eaters (how to parent your child in a manner that encourages healthy and enjoyable eating)
  • Troubleshooting & FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

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About Me

My name is Dr. Phil Boucher. I'm a husband, father of five young children, and board-certified pediatrician in Lincoln, Nebraska. I help parents balance their priorities, keep things in perspective, and feel confident in all stages of their parenting journey.

There's no one-size-fits-all solution to parenting, but if there's one thing all parents can agree on, it's that parenting isn't easy. But no matter the ups and downs, all you need is a little empowerment to become the present and productive parents your children need you to be.

I’d like to share my experiences, knowledge, and expertise with you so you can worry less and enjoy parenthood more. You already have most of what you need, but I can give you the quick tips, confidence, and reassurance that you can do this.